ADAVEC stands for Adaptation automatique du Degré d’Autonomie du Véhicule à son Environnement et au Conducteur

2,55 M€

36 months

4 partners

May 2020

region sud

Financed by Sud Region

Investissement davenir

Project supported by French state and Regions as “Programme d’investissement d’avenir”


Financed by BPI France and French Economy Ministery

Logo pole SCS

Labeled innovative project by the SCS Pole


  • 60 jobs
  • 35M€ CA
  • Patents and publications


ADAVEC is led by AViSTO with Epicnpoc, Université Côte d’Azur and Renault Software Labs


AViSTO is a french IT company with about 200 engineers. It works on software solution for clients in every sector. It is member of ADVANS Group.

EPICNPOC is a startup founded by engineers from automotive software and engineering worlds. It has skills in experience design and embedded software developement.

Université Côte d’Azur is a cluster of superior education establishments. It gathers the main actors in education and research on the Côte d’Azur

Renault Software Labs is the R&D part of Renault Group. Bases in Sophia Antipolis, RSL works on software embedded architecture for the vehicle of tomorrow.


Autonomous vehicles are mixing with classic vehicles and will for a few years more. During this time, insfrastructure is evolving to be more connected.


The level of autonomy of vehicles is rising to reach levels 3 and 4 ( SAE levels), entailing different levels of involvment for the driver. The role of the driver will evolve during a trip depending on the level of autonomy of the vehicle at a given time.


The set up of this new working environment is taking years : we need to develop the technology, create the necessary infrastructure, adapt laws, etc… We are entering a long transition phase to the Autonomous and Connected vehicle.



ADAVEC project aims to create a solution to meet the challenges of this transition phase :


• Assure working safety of every vehicle during the transition


• Participate in the development of the highly Autonomous & Connected vehicle,


• Contribute to the European objective of making roads safer by 2030.


The objective of ADAVEC project is to develop a new product for autonomous and connected vehicle.



The main goal is to create a prototype enabling an autonomous vehicle to :


  • Adapt automatically its autonomy level depending on the driver behaviour (level of attention…) and the outside world (traffic, weather…)


  • Ensure a safe transfer between the different automation levels


  • Ensure that the driver has a clear understanding of the automation level and its responsabilities in every case



The solution will be a system embedded in a vehicle able to communicate with its working environment and the cloud.


The prototype will evolve during the project and simulation will be used in every phase for validation

3D virtual model

HIL (Hardware In the Loop) in simulated environment

Working vehicle on test track


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